How TutorOcean is providing support during the COVID-19 pandemic

The information on this page is to help you effectively use the TutorOcean platform to continue working or learning during this challenging time. 

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COVID-19 has interrupted the daily lives of students in more than 100 countries. Many schools are adapting a hybrid approach for the school year 2020-2021; mainly, rotational and cohort in-person classes and virtual/at-home learning. Now, more than ever, tools that enable real-time interactions are crucial and needed.

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Our tutors are standing by, ready to help! The TutorOcean online classroom enables one-on-one, real-time interactive learning. Students can find tutors for a wide range of subjects, curriculums, levels, and budgets. As our tutors are located around the world, their availability can cover almost all hours in the day. Students can easily find help anytime and anywhere, from their computers in the safety of their own homes.

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The spread of COVID-19 has upended K-12 schools and higher-education institutions in many nations. With most classes delivered online, we want you to know that your children can access supplementary education as needed. Tutoring will keep them on track and they'll be ready when school resumes. 

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Two checklists that are intended to help parents and guardians to plan and prepare for the school year 2020-2021.

  • In-Person Learning Checklist (PDF version) [Download]
  • Virtual or At-Home Learning Checklist (PDF version) [Download]


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Keeping the knowledge flow going and making sure students don’t fall behind before they return to school is vital - this is where you come in. You’ve helped students through thick and thin when it comes to schoolwork, and you are needed now more than ever. 

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